Bottle Sonic – The Glass Bottle Crusher

The Glass Bottle Crusher with a Complete Glass Recycling & Management Solution

Bottle Sonic is one of Australia’s leading glass bottle waste management specialists. An environmentally friendly and all-in-one glass bottle management solution for pubs, restaurants, hotels, bars, and venues in the hospitality industry who wish to recycle their glass.

Our glass bottle crushers offer a cost-effective, on-site service, that will help your business reduce your glass volume by up to 80% and turn your glass waste into glass recycling.

Handling and storage will be quicker, safer and more efficient and we help reduce the amount of glass reaching landfills and cut down on CO₂ emissions entering the atmosphere, making a real difference towards protecting the environment.

The Bottle Sonic Solution

We provide a complete solution to your glass bottle management problems.

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Bottle Sonic is Container Deposit Scheme Approved

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Our Range of Glass Bottle Crushers

Bottle Sonic has three innovative machines, from a compact under counter glass crusher for smaller venues to a larger multi-feed crusher that can be shared between multiple restaurants, hotels, and bars. We are guaranteed to have a solution for your venue.

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Benefits of Our Glass Management System

Bottle Sonic Glass Bottle Crushers offer an eco-friendly, cost-effective and safe glass recycling and glass management solution for any business.

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Better for the Environment

Our solution diverts glass from landfills.

Coins Money Savings
Save on Service Costs

Reduced bins & less frequent collections will result in significant savings.

Icon Glass Volume Reduced by up to 80%
Increase Capacity by Decreasing Volume

Passing bottles through the crusher reduces their volume by 80%.


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