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Applications for Bottle Sonic Glass Crushers

There are numerous uses for our glass bottle crushers, from large events that wish to be more sustainable to small bars and restaurants that need to ensure staff safety and reduce collection costs. We offer a solution that takes care of your glass bottle recycling needs.

Would you like your next event to achieve results while minimising the negative impacts on the environment and local community?

It is becomingly increasingly important for event organisers to understand their event’s environmental impact.

Any event, from a local gala to a major sporting event, will have an economic, social and environmental impact on the environment. Water and energy resources are put under pressure, significant amounts of waste, rubbish and debris can be left behind and carbon emissions can be generated.

Bottle Sonic will give you the right solution for recycling your glass bottles and supply expertise to ensure your event is on track to minimise it’s possible negative impact on the environment.

Take action now, to make your event sustainable

Race Courses

Events like these often require an economical solution for all the glass waste produced during the event. They also require the solution to be reasonably quiet because of its close proximity to the public.



Restaurants & Hotels

With little space to spare, hotels & restaurants need a compact solution that can reduce the volume of glass waste they produce. They would also prefer customers not see unsightly bins full of empty bottles.

Increased Capacity By Decreasing Volume

No Unsightly Bins


With the high health and safety requirements at airports, our crushers help eliminate the hazards staff face when of dealing with empty glass bottles.

Improved Safety

Bars & Clubs

Bars & Clubs often need an under the counter solution, like our Mini Crusher, that can be installed quickly and easily. They also need reliable regular bin collections. Our trucks operate 6 days a week!

Easy Installation

Reliable Bin Collections

Wine Events

In many cases, these are outdoor events that are powered by a generator so the client will require an energy efficient solution. Our crushers can use a 10amp standard power point! These events are often required to be eco-friendly and our crushers reduce the amount of glass waste that finds its way to the landfill.

Energy Efficient



Large passenger ships require large volumes of glass to be reduced down to a store-able quantity since it remains with the ship until journey’s end. Our crushers do just this by up to 80%. They also need to improve staff safety when dealing with glass waste as an emergency on board could be a disaster.

Safety is Improved

Increased Capacity By Decreasing Volume

Concerts & Festivals

Large volumes of people at festivals and concerts, make large volumes of glass waste. Our crushers will reduce the initial volume up to 80%! That also means fewer bin collections, which means you save.

Increased Capacity By Decreasing Volume

Save on Service Costs