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Why use a Bottle Sonic Glass Crusher?

Not only do our crushers eliminate unsightly bins and improve safety for staff, but they also provide a convenient way to recycle your glass which makes your business both more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

It has become more and more important for businesses to be conscious of their impact on our environment. The method you choose in order to deal with your glass bottle recycling can mean the difference between being sustainable and being responsible for negatively impacting the environment. Talk to us about a more sustainable solution today.

Icon Glass Volume Reduced by up to 80%

Increased Capacity By Decreasing Volume

Bottle volume will be reduced up to 80%, meaning more can fit into a bin which leads to fewer collections, which results in smaller collection costs

Sound Icon

Reduced Noise Pollution

Did you know the Bottle Sonic solution will eliminate the noisy clang of empty bottles during the collection process?

Icon electrical plug

Energy Efficiency

You save on power bills

Icon Glass Bottles in a Bin

No Unslightly Bins

Eliminate those bins full of empty bottles behind the bar or out the back of venue

Environmental Green Logo

Better for the Environment

Glass from our bottle crushers is recycled into sustainable products instead of ending up in landfills and with our bottle crushers reducing glass volume, the number of trucks on the road needed for collections is decreased, reducing CO2 emissions.

Safety Icon

Safety is Improved

Bottle Sonic minimises the handling of glass bottles and staff no longer need to handle dangerously overfilled bins. All Bottle Sonic bins are filled to a height and weight for staff to safely handle.

Coins Money Savings

Save on Service Costs

Reduced bin numbers & less frequent collections will result in significant savings on your collections costs!

Clock Icon

Installation is Simple!

Our experienced technicians will have your new glass crusher fully operational in under an hour

Delivery Icon

Easy Bin Collections

Collection vehicles operate 6 days a week. Our flexible scheduling means GPS optimized vehicles will be on site, when and where you want us.