Glass Bottles and Glasses

Why Should You Bother To Recycle Glass?

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It takes 75% less energy to produce a glass product from recycled glass than it does from using raw materials. You could power a 100watt bulb for 4 hours with…
Work Laptop

Ways Your Business Can Contribute to Environmental Initiatives in Your Business

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There are so many small ways your business can start moving in the direction of a sustainability. It doesn’t take a lot of work, just a bit of education and…
Plastic bottle plant pots

Creative Ways to Re-use Plastic Bottles

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Create office supply holders out of the ends. They can be turned into storage for seeds, nuts, coffee, sugar and flour. Paint the ends and make creative plant pots. Create…
Plastic Bottles

9 out of 10 Australians are Concerned About Sustainability

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New studies on sustainability are revealing that while 90% of Australians are concerned about environmental sustainability, only half believe that are actually doing what is necessary to improve the situation.…
Strawberries Local Produce

Ways to Make Your Restaurant More Sustainable

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No so long ago, it was perfectly acceptable for a chef to write his menu you according to what he felt like cooking and what he thought the guests would…
Candles outer packaging from wine bottles

Products Made with Recycled Glass

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With the consumers putting more and more pressure on retailers to produce eco-friendly alternatives, we see great innovations emerge onto the market like jeans made of plastic bottles and solar-powered…
Car Sharing Driving

Kicking the Car Habit

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Most of us are entirely reliant on our car for our job & daily activities. We also spend a fortune on them every year but this doesn’t put us off.…
Glass Milk Bottles

Back to Glass

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Driven by consumer demand for environmentally friendly milk, several smaller New Zealand milk producers are choosing to sell their product in reusable glass bottles. Stoke-based Oaklands Milk in Nelson, NZ,…
Mason Glass Jar Decorations

Glass is Inspiring

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Although our company by definition would like you to use our glass crushers to crush your glass, we always put the environment first which means also promoting the re-use of…

The Importance of Bees

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Each time we eat our favourite fruit or enjoy a slice of morning toast and honey, we are enjoying the results of the hard work of bees. Bees are a…

Switch to Reusable Bags

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Congratulations goes to our neighbours over the ditch, New Zealand, for announcing single-use plastic bags will be phased out in the next year. They have a devastating impact on wildlife…
Nappy Facts

Switch to Cloth Diapers

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Disposable diapers are one of the biggest sources of pollution and waste on the planet. We are finally waking up to the destruction that plastics are doing to our environment.…

Scottish Engineer comes up with a brilliant use for non-recyclable plastics

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It’s estimated the ocean will contain more plastic than fish by 2050. Landfills are now overflowing with plastic waste. Scottish engineer Toby McCartney felt the need to come up with…

Recycling Befuddled

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Have you ever found yourself facing your recycling bin, completely befuddled about whether or not you can put a particular item in it? You’re not alone. According to Planet Ark, nearly…
Oranges Produce

Go Green with Seasonal Produce

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Buying your produce in season is not only cheaper but it means it is most likely locally produced. This means you have immediately reduced your carbon footprint since your food…

Plastic Free July

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It’s easier than you think to reduce your plastic consumption. It’s not some crazy hippie sentiment that only the tree huggers need to worry about. Our over use of plastic…

Starbucks announces it is going plastic straw free, globally by 2020

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Starbucks plans to remove plastic straws and replace them with a recyclable lid in over 28,000 stores worldwide. This eliminates over a billion straws entering the landfill in the space…

Save on the Water Bill

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Water is a scarce resource and therefore should be used wisely. Here are a few tips that will help to curb your water bill and save the environment at the…

Making Your Work Environmentally Friendly, Without Annoying Your Colleagues.

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It’s great to feel like an eco warrior and get the whole workforce involved in your green approach, but it’s sometimes hard going to convince people to change their set…

Is Your Restaurant Choice Green?

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There are so many little things we can do to reduce our footprint on the environment. Many of them can be easily incorporated into your life. One of them is…

Reasons Why an Eco-Friendly Home is Your Best Investment

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Eco-friendly homes can seem somewhat of a fad, but choosing to go this route when building your home, can mean reducing your environmental impact and at the same time make…

Honey, Your Skin is Gorgeous

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Completely Natural Skincare Products You Can Make At Home Honey is an easily available natural product you can use in your daily skincare routine, without worrying about the nasties in…

We Love Glass

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At Bottle Sonic, we love glass….. We love to drink and eat out of it, but most of all we love to crush it. But there are a few more…


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Choosing to be aware of how much water you use is one of those small steps to helping the planet, that is easy to implement. Water is one of our…

Don’t be a chicken

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More and more urban homes are seeing the benefits of bringing farm animals, particularly chickens, in to the garden. So what’s all the clucking about? Well having chickens in your…