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Fascinating Alternative Options For Energy

By April 10, 2018No Comments

It’s no secret that the search for alternative energy solutions is on everyone’s mind. But these have to be some of the most creative around:


It makes sense that since these guys are producing large amounts of greenhouse gases, they should do their part to remain carbon neutral! Argentina’s National Institute of Agricultural Technology has developed backpacks that go on the end of cows in order to capture the methane gas they release, in hopes of using this gas for energy. The successfully extracted enough methane gas in one day to run a fridge for 24 hours. So pop a backpack on your cow to chill your beers next weekend!


We all wish alcohol gave us energy but the Swedish Customs figured out a way to make this actually happen! The confiscated 185,000 gallons from a smuggler trying to get it across the border and instead of destroying it, they used it to generate bio-gas which they used to power their vehicles!


Gyms have started using their customers to generate power for them! As they spin away on their exercise bikes, these bikes, generate power that is usable within the building to power other machines!

In a world where we need to consider our approach to power and energy, it’s great to see people getting creative and thinking out of the box.