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Using “Grey Water” At Home.

By April 10, 2018No Comments

With Australia’s drought seeing no signs of ending, more and more of us need to be savvy about how we use our water. There is more and more research into the use of “grey water” on our gardens. “Grey water” is used water from the laundry, bath or shower and can easily be collected using a bucket when you shower and a hose attached to your washing machine outlet.

This water can then be used for the garden if you keep in mind that grey water is highly regulated as it has the chances of containing contaminants & bacteria.

It’s important to remember when using this water on your garden, to avoid using it on edible plants and where there is a large chance of human contact ie a lawn. You also need to think about using detergents that are plant safe.

It is definitely something to consider for the future as we learn more and more how valuable our water is.