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Make Your Bar Sustainable!

By November 23, 2018No Comments

Your bar may not start out with the highest sustainability rating but it’s something you work up to over time. Making small changes here and there will get you far in no time.

Go Green when you Clean

Change your cleaning products to more natural ones. Add 1 portion white vinegar to 1 portion water and 40 or so drops of essential oils for every cup of product made. Place in a spray bottle and shake.


Create a Compost Culture

Set up a bokashi or regular compost system & educate staff on what they can and can’t put into the composter.


Minimize the Plastic

Find ways to reduce the use of plastic products like using glass for food storage and replacing cling wrap with bees wrap sheets.


Straws Suck

Follow suit with the rest of the hospitality businesses and no longer automatically offer straws with drinks. Some customers may insist and for them keep a supply of paper/cornstarch straws you can offer them.


Crush It

Glass waste can be a pain as it take up space and can be hazardous to staff. Adopt a glass crushing & recycling system which will reduce your glass waste volume and make glass waste recycling effortless as well as safe for staff.


Squeeze in Some Sustainability with Lemon/Lime trees

If you have a little space out back that gets some sun, lemons and limes grow great in pots. Once established you won’t have to pay for your stock of lemons & limes.