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9 out of 10 Australians are Concerned About Sustainability

By October 8, 2018No Comments
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New studies on sustainability are revealing that while 90% of Australians are concerned about environmental sustainability, only half believe that are actually doing what is necessary to improve the situation.

The HP Australia Environmental Sustainability Study 2018 hoped to uncover the truths behind people and business’  perceptions, values and behaviours regarding sustainability. They surveyed over 1000 Australians aged 22–53. The group consisted of both consumers and over 600 Australian businesses.

It revealed not only that a majority of those surveyed believed more needed to be done, but that over 70% were willing to pay more for sustainably sourced goods. Those in the 22-30 bracket showed a preference towards working for a company that promoted sustainable practices and since those age group will soon dominate the workforce it means businesses should be waking up with regards to their sustainability.

Both consumers and businesses regard landfill waste, impact on the natural environment and marine plastic pollution as the major environmental concerns at the moment but there was a distinct lack of awareness with regards to E-Waste which is actually the fastest growing waste in Australia. The study revealed only around 50% of consumers & businesses recycled ink cartridges showing a need for education in this regard. There are companies that provide drop off points & turn these cartridges into pen, rulers and even asphalt.

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